Carrie Drummond

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Born and raised in Rochester Hills, MI, Carrie has been fortunate to always be surrounded by the arts and theatre from a very young age. While neither of her parents are performers, or musically inclined by any means (love you mom and dad!), by some miracle she was born to sing! After years of hearing her sing at the top of her lungs from the bathtub every….single…..night…….her mother took her to see her first musical, Mamma Mia!, at the age of four at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. She was absolutely mesmerized and since then she just can’t get enough. By the age of eleven she had the entirety of Elphaba’s vocal track memorized — along with every neighbor within ear shot. It was then that her mother decided to get her into voice lessons and out of volleyball practice. Win, win!! Carrie began to really get serious about acting in high school and sought out other training opportunities and productions beyond what her school offered. She is currently finishing her BFA in Music Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University and is expected to graduate in April of 2017.

Currently Carrie is playing the Actor in Evil Dead - the Musical at the City Theatre Company in Detroit.

When Carrie is not performing you can find her in the yoga studio, enjoying a cup (or seven) of coffee, worshipping Meryl Streep, binge watching Gilmore Girls or serving beer at Shakespeare’s Pub!